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Therapy Session: Lex Luthor. - Diamond Dust
Therapy Session: Lex Luthor.
Emma sat across from Lex Luthor with a bored look. "We've been here for an hour, Mr. Luthor. You've avoided every question I had, yet you are the one that contacted me for this. I do not enjoy having my time wasted."

"Neither do I." Lex snapped. He was not about to show weakness, not even to her. Yet he had a feeling she could see it anyway. "I simply want you to make sure that there is no trace of Zod left."

"And I've done so." The telepath assured him. "Your girlfriend was rather efficient for a novice. Even I have to admire her work." Emma crossed her legs and stared at the Luthor heir. "Yet it's not Zod that really worries you. You want assurance that you won't become like him. Like you Father. Like every other version of you that you've managed to do research on."

"They had the opportunity to save people. To help them." Lex began slowly. "But instead, they let their obsession with.. they allowed their obsession to take control of them. If it's so simple to do so, how can I have a chance of avoiding it?"

"By questioning it." Emma set aside her notepad and pen. "I'll be frank, Mr. Luthor. Not on a professional capacity, but as one who has her own demons and past to atone for. If you do not want the path that brings misery to so many, continue to question your motives. The easy road is tempting. The obsessions can be intoxicating. But you must remind yourself of the aftermath. You may not be a saint, Lex, but you aren't a monster."

"That depends on who you ask." He said with a bitter laugh.

"Obviously Ms. Lang does not seem to think you one. I believe she's quite a good judge of character." Emma watched his reaction carefully, and when she saw the flicker of hope in him at Lana's name, she smirked. "Sometimes we need a moral compass. One who accepts us completely for what and who we are. Not in spite of our flaws, but because of them."

"Do you have one?"

Though it was a personal question, Emma didn't mind answering it. She nodded. "I do."

Lex leaned forward in his seat and stared intently at his hands. "Does it ever go away?"

"No." Emma said coolly. "The stains remain and so does the guilt. As long as you feel remorse for your mistakes, then I have no doubt you will not become what you fear."

Emma was rather sure she gave the young Luthor some hope. How much, remained to be seen.

But it was a start.

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